Timpte trailers are Built for Life. For our customers, it’s about not having to think twice about getting the job done. Rugged, dependable, always ready. For our team, it’s creating opportunities to learn and grow both professionally and personally.

Timpte’s sole focus is designing and building trailers for any dry bulk commodity. Our trailers are light and dependable, and we custom-build each one to make sure it does its job right. We’re a company founded on innovating transportation to help people move materials more efficiently and more effectively. Headquartered in David City, Nebraska, we take our Midwestern roots seriously, applying solid manufacturing principles and state-of-the-art technology to produce the industry’s best dry bulk commodity trailers.

From custom-building each trailer to service to trades, we’re there every step of the way to make sure owners get the most out of their investment. We don’t just talk about delivering end-to-end ownership support – we live it.

We’re more than a trailer manufacturer: Timpte is a team of people working tirelessly to keep you on the road.

Why Timpte

Supporting your livelihood drives everything Timpte does. It’s what makes us the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America – and it’s why we’re Built for Life.

Dry Bulk

Timpte is the only trailer manufacturer to focus solely on solutions involving the transport of dry bulk commodities. Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience reveals itself in the most dependable transportation solutions for the widest variety of dry bulk commodities. From grain to peanuts, gravel to frac sand, we’ll help you get it where it needs to go, when it needs to get there.

Stage of

Timpte’s distinctive business model enables us to support our valued customers throughout their ownership lifecycle. Our trailers provide unparalleled quality, increased productivity and maximum return-on-investment. Simply stated, Timpte trailers represent the best value in the industry.


Timpte’s Peace of Mind Warranty is the industries’ best. Our network of nine factory direct customer support centers and over 30 independent dealers ensures that no other semi-trailer company offers better parts availability and warranty coverage. Period.

Made in
Since 1884

Timpte has been serving the transportation industry since 1884 – longer than any other trailer company in North America. We’re proud to designate each new manufactured trailer as Made In America.

of Custom

Timpte recognizes that our valued customers use their trailers in many different applications. In response, Timpte provides custom options for a wide variety of different trailer models and configurations to make the job easier and add to the overall look of your trailer. Tell us what you need and want, and we’ll build it.

About Us

Since 1884, Timpte Inc. has engineered and built products to keep people, and industry, moving forward. As a pioneer in our field, Timpte trailers have played a key role in the evolution of American transportation. Today, we’re the nation’s largest builder of dry bulk commodity trailers, and we are the only one that supports the entire ownership experience – from customization to resell – for this industry.

Timpte is a diversified enterprise that operates a state-of-the art manufacturing facility and a research and development center in David City, Nebraska with integrated Factory Direct Sales and Service operations across the midwest. Our products are American-made and backed by people who believe in delivering quality across every facet of our business.

From new technology to convenient service, we exist to serve those whose livelihood depends on the road.

Our Leadership Team

Tim Carpenter

President & CEO

Connie Samek

Vice President, Finance

Jeff Thompson

Executive Vice President, Engineering, Product, & Facilities Development

Tim Gesell

Vice President, Operations

Dean Powell

Vice President, Commercial Operations

Jeff Klamar

Vice President, Supply Chain

Brian Anderson

General Manager, Eastern Region

Aaron Dinslage

General Manager, Central Region

Josh Paisley

General Manager, Western Region & Canada

Aaron Mead

General Manager, Equipment Trailer

Timpte has been part of the fabric of America since 1884, helping to advance the transportation industry, and those committed to keeping America moving forward:


The Timpte brothers establish two separate companies in Denver, Colorado: August Timpte Wagon and Carriage Works and the William Timpte Carriage Works to supply and repair delivery wagons, buggies and carriages.


The two companies are merged into a single entity: Timpte Brothers Wagon Company. During the next 50 years, the operation becomes the largest vehicle supplier in the Mountain states.


Ownership transitions to the founders’ sons: T.C. “Tony” Timpte and C.A. “Clem” Timpte. The business quickly transitions to serve motorized transport.


Timpte’s first semi-trailer was produced, transforming the transportation industry. Timpte became the largest supplier of truck-mounted van bodies in the Rocky Mountain area.


During the war, Timpte’s people and plant committed to supporting the war effort and 95% of production was under government contract.


Timpte once again innovated the industry by creating light weight steel trailers. The first level floor grain trailer was built in 1953.


Due to failing health, Tony Timpte sold the company to Ohio Brass Company.


Creation of the grain hopper trailer.


A group of employees and friends form a new corporation to buy the Timpte division from Ohio Brass.


A series of growth and acquisitions occurred, which shifted the company’s focus into refrigerated and grain trailers with other lines including dumps, bottom dumps, lowboys and flat trailers.


Timpte opens a manufacturing plant in David City, Nebraska and launches the Super Hopper.


Timpte shifts focus solely to aluminum grain trailers and invests heavily in the David City plant over the course of the next 25 years.


Timpte celebrates its 125th year of service.


Timpte is the #1 selling grain trailer in North America. We continue to focus our business on our customers, building and servicing trailers to keep people on the road, ultimately supporting their success.

Our Mission

Timpte is driven by the people whose livelihood depends on the road. Our trailers are American made, right in the heart of the country. We’re the only trailer manufacturer that supports every stage of ownership for the dry bulk commodity industry, custom-building every one and offering Factory Direct Customer Support Centers across the country to make sure every load is delivered efficiently and effectively.

Our Purpose

To deliver products and services that provide efficient and effective use of our lands resources

Our Mission

To develop our culture around our Core Values

  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Employees that are Recognized and Rewarded
  • Value Added Product Offerings
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Uncompromising Ethics
  • Quality Focus
  • Fact Based Decisions
  • Cost Effective Processes

Our Vision


To provide our customers with best in industry quality, innovation and value in order for them to achieve maximum returns from their investment


To provide a safe, competitive and enjoyable workplace that will reward long-term employment


To deliver the highest return on investment within the markets we participate.

Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America.