Preventative Maintenance and How Timpte Can Help

Everyone knows the benefits of preventative maintenance, yet we still forget to have this completed on vehicles, trailers, and other forms of equipment. This regular and routine maintenance is necessary to keep them running and helps prevent costly unplanned downtime from unexpected failures. A successful maintenance strategy requires planning and scheduling maintenance of equipment before a problem occurs. Regular washing and cleaning of the trailer to decrease chances of corrosion is highly recommended.

How can Timpte help? Our Factory Direct owned and operated Customer Support Centers are strategically located across the Midwest stocking quality genuine parts to fit all trailer makes and models. From hiring and training qualified technician candidates, our focus is getting customers back on the road. Need a wall panel replaced? Timpte has you covered! Want to upgrade a manual tarp to the Thunder7000 power tarp? Timpte has you covered! Looking to get a quote on a wrecked trailer? You guessed it, Timpte has you covered! Each facility features four to six service bays with one designated bay as an Express Lane. Which services qualifies exactly for the Express Lane?

  • Tarp repair and replacement
  • DOT inspection
  • Tarp cap replacement
  • ABS Diagnostics
  • Brake alignment
  • Springs and air leaks
  • Electric tarp and hydraulic trap troubleshooting
  • And more!

“The DOT inspection that Timpte offers utilizing the Express Service Lane at our Customer Service Centers is an excellent resource to identify potential Maintenance items that may be missed on a standard pre trip or PM inspection” says Ken Davis, Parts, and Service Manager – Illinois. “Our multi-point (DOT) inspection is free of charge if the trailer passes, if we do find issues that require attention, we can help that customer avoid costly fines and downtime before they become an issue.”

Still unsure how often trailer components should be serviced? Download our recommended maintenance schedule.

Download Schedule

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Serving the transportation industry since 1884, Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America. Headquartered in David City, Nebraska, Timpte trailers are sold and serviced by a network of 9 factory-direct Customer Support Centers located throughout the Midwest and over 30 authorized Dealers with facilities based throughout the rest of North America. Timpte represents American craftsmanship and innovation at its finest. We are proud to designate each new manufactured trailer as Made in America.

Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America.