Why Financing Might Be Worth Your Time and Effort

Year after year farmers battle with the challenge of seasonal income and developing a plan to cover yearly expenses. For this reason, some elect to investigate different types of credit opportunities to maximize their capital expenditures while keeping cash flow available for future needs. As farmers continue to navigate the changing market, financing is becoming more of a factor in their purchasing decisions and making sure they partner with a lender who understands their unique business structure is more important than ever. Timpte is proud to partner with Northland Capital to provide our customers these valuable financing options.

“The argument for cash, lease or finance is complex” said Paul Pfannenstein, VP of Business Development with Northland Capital. “In the current market conditions, the impact on working capital and preserving cash is an important choice. Choosing to finance, lease or buy has changed over the years”.

It is important to be informed on decisions and know what options are available. Current lease options include capital and operating; however, they show up differently when it comes to the balance sheet.

“Capital leased machinery or equipment is reflected on the balance sheet as an asset, while the lease itself is shown as a liability. An operating lease which has a residual value, is reflected on the balance sheet as a payment requirement and on the income statement as a rental expense. Both lease types have different tax implications you should discuss with your accountant,” notes Pfannenstein.

Knowing your current cash flow and expected expenses for the year is important when considering which option is best for your business. Timpte offers financing on both new and used trailers with zero down payment options! To learn more, visit our Finance section or download the Northland Financial comparison chart.

Finance Comparison Chart



Vice President of Business Development

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We’re industry specialists. Our company has been a leader in the finance industry for over 25 years. Headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota, we work nationwide offering competitive lease and finance products to broaden tax management options and increase business volume and areas of growth.


Serving the transportation industry since 1884, Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America. Headquartered in David City, Nebraska, Timpte trailers are sold and serviced by a network of 9 factory-direct Customer Support Centers located throughout the Midwest and over 30 authorized Dealers with facilities based throughout the rest of North America. Timpte represents American craftsmanship and innovation at its finest. We are proud to designate each new manufactured trailer as Made in America.”

Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America.