F-4000 Tender Specs


Recommended for transportation of feed, seed and fertilizer.

Kingpin Setting


Side Panels

Two rear panel assemblies constructed of corrugated pre-painted white .048” aluminum panels mounted to either side of the inclined conveyor assembly. 

Ladder Access

Aluminum ladder, handhold and platform are mounted on the front nose of the trailer.  Aluminum ladder and handhold mounted on the rear of the trailer

Nose Panels & Front Corners

Smooth pre-painted white .063” aluminum.  Connections for air supply and control lines and electrical 7 way connection is mounted on the nose panels.  Connection points for the hydraulic couplers for conveyor are also located on the nose.  The front corners are 6” radius with stainless steel corner overlays.

Lighting & Consipicuity

Side Lamps – Includes 2 rows of 3 – ¾” diameter LED bullet style marker lamps each side ;( 3) amber, (2) red, and 1 amber LED mid turn/marker lamp. 

Nose Lamps – (2) High mounted amber ¾’ diameter LED bullet style marker lamps. 

Standard High mounted Rear Frame Lamps (5) red ¾” diameter LED bullet style marker lamps on rear header. 

Rear Tail Lamps– (6)-4” diameter 6 diode LED lamps, – all grommet mounted.

Electrical-All weather-pack automotive style connections, sealed to prevent corrosion. Common ground.

Conspicuity Tape: Red and white reflective tape mounted in conspicuity track of lower rail and full width across rear of trailer. White reflective tape mounted on top corners of rear frame. (All lamps and wiring comply with FMVSS 108).


High ground clearance tub design with formed .125 aluminum panels with side slope angle of 35.8 degrees and end slope angle of 33 degrees.   Hopper opening is supported by a substantial structural trap frame extruded aluminum weldment.  The front and rear slope panels have a slope angle of 33 degrees and are supported by extruded aluminum crossmembers.

Center Panel – .080 aluminum supported by extruded aluminum bulkhead crossmembers.  There is 12 ½” of ground clearance between the ground and the bottom of the conveyor system.

Traps and Trap Operators

24″W x 26”L openings. The trailer is standard with the EZ Flow Powered Trap Opening System.


23,000 lb. rated air ride suspension, 17” ride height, 71 ½” track


Thunder Armor 18 oz. roll tarp system

Electric Tarp System

Thunder 7000 single arm electric tarp opening system with heavy duty rear roll return, One Touch control system and Rf remote.

Sight Glasses

One 4” x 8” viewing window size sight glass centered in each hopper


SS construction.  Inclined conveyor extends 12’5” beyond the rear frame in transport mode for an overall length of 52’4”.  Discharge height is variable between 11’6”‘ and 14’2”.  Discharge speed is in excess of 4,000 pounds per minute depending on the weight of the commodity.  Inclined conveyor can be shifted to the left or right  3’2”.

Conveyor Belting

2 Ply Rubber coated reinforced belting – smooth faced belt on lower conveyor and cleated faced belt on inclined conveyor

Hydraulic System

The system required a hydraulic power supply of a minimum of 20 GPM of flow at 2500 psi of clean, filtered oil.

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