Tri Axle SL

  1. Lengths 50’-0”
  2. Widths 96” Only
  3. Sidewall Heights 72”
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Standard Features

Timpte trailers come with more standard features and custom options to help you get more from every load. Take a look at the following features, then use our interactive tool to start building yours.

Side Panels
Air Ride Dump Valve & Oil Filled Pressure Gauge
Upper Coupler Assembly
Trap System
Lights & Electrical
Access System
Rear Corner Frame Posts
Electric Tarp System: Thunder7000
Tarp: ThunderArmor
Tarp Bows

Custom Options

Like any piece of equipment, your trailer has to be ready to perform. Timpte custom-builds each one with the features and options you want and need. Take a look at our most preferred options, then contact us to talk more about how Timpte can keep your operation moving.

Sidewall Panel Colors
Tubs and Tub Accessories
Trap Doors
Lightweight Options
Stainless Steel Options

Tri Axle SL Capacities

 Heaped 9" Water Level
Length & Height 96" Wide 102" Wide 96" Wide 102" Wide
Ag Split Ag Split Ag Split Ag Split
50’ 0” Length, 72” Height SL 1,785 ft3 1,930 ft3 --- --- 1,594 ft3 1,739 ft3 --- ---

The Industry's Best End-to-End Warranty

Tandem, Tri-Axle, Lead & PUP, Canadian B Train and F-4000 Tenders Warranty


Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America.