Haul More Fertilizer with the F-4000 Tender

The Timpte F-4000 Tender was specifically designed and engineered to haul seed and fertilizer to the fields. This 40’x72”x96” trailer has many unique features that allows it to legally haul up to 26 tons and the ability to unload in minutes. Since the commodity is corrosive in nature, each trailer comes equipped with upgrades to stainless steel fasteners, nylatron rollers, and stainless-steel doors. Other unique standard features include belt system, hydraulic system, and sight glasses; however, it still has the flexibility for customization to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Customers can upgrade to a ThunderArmor clean coat tarp that is finished with an acrylic glaze coating. This coating reduces commodity buildup underneath the tarp and helps reduce cross-contamination between loads. If you are required to washout between loads this tarp makes it faster and easier to clean compared to standard tarp material. Other common options include permanent mount vibrators and apex lighting underneath.

The wireless remote included with each trailer allows customers to program the opening and closing of their trap doors, turn the belt on and off, and/or even the conveyor system to swing side to side or up and down.

“The speed provided by our tender is much faster than other dedicated tender and its aluminum structure makes it lighter weight as well. With the available wireless remote options this application lends itself to a one-person operation when necessary.” Said Dan Pohl, Territory Sales Representative for Western Iowa.

Belt System and Hydraulic Features

The swinging discharge chute has a total swing of 6’ 5” and average discharge of 20 to 25 gallons per minute depending on product. Conveyor system is constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel, and its cleated belt design allows for greater angle of conveying products into today’s tallest floaters and air seeders. Located near the rear, the control panels make operation effortless and includes one gauge for monitoring hydraulic pressure.

The upper and lower assembly units both utilize Parker hydraulic motors, and the hydraulic cylinders, vertical and horizontal, allow for the conveyor tub to move in its respective directions. The hydraulic reservoir has a 30-gallon capacity with 2,500 psi operating pressure.

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F-4000 Tender


Serving the transportation industry since 1884, Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America. Headquartered in David City, Nebraska, Timpte trailers are sold and serviced by a network of 9 factory-direct Customer Support Centers located throughout the Midwest and over 30 authorized Dealers with facilities based throughout the rest of North America. Timpte represents American craftsmanship and innovation at its finest. We are proud to designate each new manufactured trailer as Made in America.”



Timpte is the #1 selling dry bulk commodity trailer in North America.